The Yellow Vixen

A Mabinogi Blog by Badtz.
In-game name: Badtz
Server: Ruairi

Art by: Paladinangst

I’ve recently come back to Mabinogi after a short break. During that break, I was playing League of Legends, Terraria, and Borderlands 2. Since I’ve beaten Borderlands 2, I slowly but surely inched Mabi back into my daily routine, though, the frustration of Episode 1 of Gen 18 is making me think twice about coming back. With the Gunner skills being all new and such, I’ve been ranking them for the AP quests and general curiosity. Gunner is pretty fun and difficult at the same time. Since my character and the way I play is based on Melee skills, transitioning to medium range skills with awkward timing is— I think I have a learning curb or whatever the heck you call it.

EITHER WAY, I’ve been having fun, surprisingly and will probably reconsider my departure from Control.

October isn’t around the corner but it’s coming soon, which means I’ll be working Frightfest again this year. With FF, I won’t be playing as much on the weekends since I work on the weekends in October.

Related to my last post: I’m not saying that I’ve never been rude to someone, because I have been. I’m not going to deny that one bit. I’m not a nice person, I never claimed I was, but a majority of the time, I do have some sense of common courtesy. 

Also~ I broke a barrier spike for the first time this week! I went into Provo for Gunner skill training and noted that I wound the crap out of things with guns. XD It does irk me that I have to complete episode 1 (1 through 5 probably) in order to get into the mines so that I can start working on those new life skills. :I I’d like to have the fast shooting guns just like everyone else, but I am not going to pay an arm and a leg for them when I can just make them myself.

I am keeping an eye out for those Neon Yellow fixed dyes that came from both the event after Devil gachas and the gachas themselves. I would like to buy them for the price of 300k (highest I’m willing to go 325k) but if you want more, might as well not try to convince me. I’m pretty cheap most of the time and don’t dungeon as much as I used to, so I don’t have that much cash on hand. Once I start commercing again, I’ll reconsider (maybe) but until then, thems the breaks.

I think that’s it for my update. If I think of anything else, I’ll probably post it separately. I apologize for the long post, but it has been a while. I’m glad that I’m out of my non-Mabi funk and can get back to my fantasy life!