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"Mardi?" A cry of panic broke her gaze. She turned toward the sound and saw Mardi’s pale face as he gestured toward the lake. For a moment, she thought she saw something— someone in the sky. It disappeared at the surface of the lake. The water dipped at the middle with a harsh splash. Rings and ripples played along the black surface; and then all was quiet.

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Just an idea of what Alanis would look like in her true form. Was messing around on the simulator for my latest ewecinox post and I just went with it.

She found herself by the lake’s shore again, eyes glazed as she stared at the water. The fine tremble that shook her shoulders was more from self-restraint than the cold. Things began to fade into white noise. Her heart was beating so fast, so loud.

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A faint grin still lingered on her lips as she stepped from the boat onto the shore. As many compliments as she received daily, it still caught her off guard. His sincerity was refreshing. It left a gentle warmth in her stomach. —or was that something else? If I could just last till the end of the night…

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“Paint me like one of those French girls…”