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I’m interested in Summerfest but I don’t want any prizes or anything. So I’m probably just going to wait until it starts to post/brainstorm stuff for my character. Hopefully people will still interact with me. If not, I have my bae Mardi. <3



OOC: To whom it may concern.


((Prominogi Ends today, If you have any posts you haven’t posted yet, or just want to give your personal piece an end, I suggest you do so asap.

Posts after a particular final post (coming later) will not count for voting, but you can still finish up your personal rp.

There won’t be any exceptions~))


I couldn’t remember the rest of the lyrics after that.

Chitty game too stronk.

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Thank you to Badtz for the Furry of Connous potion!!!

and then I went to a daily with~ :D

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