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I should probably write up an ending to my Ewecinox RP. If I’m not too tired tomorrow, I’ll do it then. (It’s 11:34pm PST right now.)

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Alanis stared at the green-haired elf, startled. She blinked, looking as if she hadn’t understood her at first. A moment later she began to laugh and laugh, holding a hand to her stomach. Glowy fish? Well, that’s definitely a first! I suppose that’s a compliment, as odd as it is. I’m glad she’s alright.

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I’ll type up my reply to Yuu and Mardi when I get home from work today. (It’s 7:30am. I open and get off in the early evening.) Thanks for being so patient guys~ <3

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"Mardi?" A cry of panic broke her gaze. She turned toward the sound and saw Mardi’s pale face as he gestured toward the lake. For a moment, she thought she saw something— someone in the sky. It disappeared at the surface of the lake. The water dipped at the middle with a harsh splash. Rings and ripples played along the black surface; and then all was quiet.

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Just an idea of what Alanis would look like in her true form. Was messing around on the simulator for my latest ewecinox post and I just went with it.